The Bad Picker: A South Texas mystery

No good deed goes unpunished

It’s April 1980 and attorney Jack Armand is cooling his spring fever with a cautious dip in San Antonio’s out nightlife. His low-key career is humming along nicely, too, until he agrees to represent artist and former rent boy Donaldo Agostini, who’s accused of murdering a wealthy patron.

As he struggles to clear his trouble-prone client, Jack discovers the victim was hiding an estranged wife who can lay claim to half the estate. Before Jack can put the puzzle pieces together, Donaldo dies in a suspicious accident and the police close out both investigations. Jack can’t get them to reconsider, maybe because the evidence leads to a once powerful newspaper dynasty that’s rebuilding its fortune with other people’s money.

Drawn to the family’s mercurial daughter, Jack gets close enough to realize the legendary clan’s empire is built on revenge and exploitation. His front porch swing is calling, but his conscience won’t let him be a silent accomplice to their crimes. To end the family’s murderous reign, Jack must reinvent himself as a fierce advocate and a ruthless adversary.

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