Elaine Wolff is the author of the contemporary political suspense manuscript Public Record, and The Bad Picker, Texas noir set in 1980 San Antonio. As the arts editor, then editor in chief, of the San Antonio Current, she covered crime, culture, and City Hall. In 2015, she launched Out In SA with Euclid Media. A Minnesota native who spent thirty years in South Texas, she currently lives and writes in Central Colorado with her husband Michael and a six-month-old Cairn Terrier named Oliver.

Some previously published work from the wayback machine

In 2010 while I was editor of the San Antonio Current, I wrote a series of articles about how the city was demolishing private houses without due process by claiming they were sites for criminal activity. The City (and Dallas) were sued and eventually they created a new process that included some citizen oversight.

This story, about the gutting of a City watchdog agency and its fallout, is one of my favorites. It was a master class in how powerful people try to cover up mistakes and misdeeds, and the courage and subterfuge required of whistleblowers.

When I first joined the Current way back in the aughts, I dabbled in criticism, which included this piece on the historical and cultural value of Grand Theft Auto. It took home an AAN Award.

San Antonio is home to Fiesta Cornyation, an annual sendup of the famous and powerful, that raises funds for AIDS-related and LBGTQ charities, and theater-arts scholarships. I served on the board, as a scriptwriter and skit producer, and co-host. If you’re ever in SA for Fiesta, don’t miss it.

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