A #NaNoWriMo Report Card

This was my first year participating in #NaNoWriMo, and I quickly figured out that my current writing journey wasn’t an exact fit (yes, I could have read the instructions, but I was caught up in the … moment … of the moment). The annual, month-long race to 50K words is really designed for that book you’ve always meant to write – your first or your fifteenth – and while I do have a new WIP, I’m also massaging the finished ms and sending out queries (oh, yes, #amquerying). Call it plausible procrastination, but I couldn’t just focus on the newborn while my toddler is still learning to walk. Naturally there’s a hashtag for outliers – #NaNoWriMoRebels I think – and that was my 2020 niche.

And what a fruitful niche it was. The Twitter exhortations, the #SinC50K community within #NaNoWriMo, and even the hint of a deadline all pushed me toward a respectable finish:

10,737 words on my new WIP, placeholder name: Blue Wave

9,812 in net rewrites for Public Record

This here website (Thanks to an excellent SinC class with author Julie Hennrikus)

A pair of cute pants, made with an organic cotton twill from Mood Fabrics and the Lander Pant pattern from True Bias. #NaNoWriMoprocrastination #procrastination pants

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