A #NaNoWriMo white flag

According to my official #NaNoWriMo stats, I wrote more than 8,000 words in one day this week, but as you can probably guess, that’s just operator error. If you want to hide something from me, put it in a drop-down menu. On the upside, I’ve saved so much money by having my credit-card declined because I don’t in fact live in American Samoa.

I did, however, write more than 10,000 words so far this month: 8,512 net for Public Record edits and rewrites, plus another 1,500 for the prequel WIP, Blue Wave IV.

They are actually quality, not just quantity (I think) and the secret, I’m so very sorry to say, has been drinking a lot less and full-on exercising. Not just hiking, which I enjoy so much it doesn’t qualify for the “work” in workout, but trail-running — or the beginning of trail-running. This involves running downhill and hiking up, according to more than one guide I’ve read and will not be citing here. All of that virtuous activity leads to good sleep, which results in waking up very early and getting so many things done that sometimes I’m confused about what day it is.

I’ve been so productive, in fact, that it’s precipitating an existential crisis that can only be beaten back by an evening of dinner in bed and bad TV (although the TV I’m watching right now is deliciously great: Suburra). If you are one of those enviable people who just chug along productively, never looking down, you have my admiration.

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